Friday, May 11, 2018

Creative Update

Posts have been a bit scarce in the last while. This is partially due to the fact that I have been taking a variety of courses while I determine which direction IsaTe's Designs should take in the future. Since moving to Seattle I have had to rethink how and what I want to create and it has taken much longer then expected to sort out the logistics of my business. It has been a time of refocus, learning and change.

Creating new designs that are less dependent on sizing has been a goal during this time. IsaTe's Designs has always been focused around repurposing clothing, comfort and one of a kind. Often a client would fall in love with an article of clothing and it wouldn't fit. This has always created some difficulties as more often then not I could not recreate the garment in their size. This is a definite problem in how I create. A problem that became more prominent when I moved from Ontario to Seattle. It became much harder to satisfy clients who had now become long distance, the one on one aspect differed greatly. No longer was I as attuned to their body fluctuations or changes in their lives and wardrobe needs. So lots of thought as to what direction IsaTe's should go has been occurring. 

One of the changes that has occurred is the creation of CleavageandGeekage. This is going to be focused more on custom clothing, lingerie, cosplay and my interest in pop culture. You can check it out at CleavageandGeekage 

Below is a sample of two new designs which are not dependent on sizing. Both just slide over your head and provide drape and layering to any outfit. The one on the left is made from repurposed golf shirts and has the feel of a shawl. The one on the left made from repurposed t-shirts has actually become a staple in my wardrobe. It is perfect for those overcast cool mornings and evenings in Seattle. It provides a bit of warmth without bulk around the neck and/or adds a little flair to an otherwise basic ensemble.