Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Studio Space

Working out of your home has good and bad points. The convenience is awesome but I personally find it is hard to maintain focus. Thus I have finally given in and rented a studio space away from home. It is walkable, approximately 1 mile from the house and it has natural light. These were two of my main criteria when I started looking. I am still getting settled in but I am getting there. .

Eventually a schedule will develop and all the bins will be sorted.

One of the things that is amazing about the studio is we can now move in the storage area in our basement, it is no longer wall to wall totes :). I still have some things to transfer over to the new space but I have been going through a type of separation anxiety (What if I end up not having something at the house when I need it). Trims, buttons, elastics are all things I still haven't moved. So far only threads have made it to the studio, Oh and my grommet press and accessories. What I really want is the best of all worlds, which is why I still have some sewing machines at the house. Maybe someday I will reach a point where I will be able to separate work and freetime. Truthfully this will never happen but it doesn't keep me from dreaming about that sort of structure.

A beanbag, TV and a DVD player means it is easy to have Bring Your Daughter to Work Days.  The TV/DVD player is also perfect for me to binge watch TV series while I am creating. It has been great rewatching some old series, just finished Cleopatra 2025, am currently watching Pushing Daisies and next on the playlist is Warehouse 13.

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