Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning

So I came into the store this morning and we had forgotten to empty the coffee pot and put the filter in the compost pail. Well the filter was just begging to be made into something it had dried so beautifully. So I made a boutineer. AM starting to suspect that I have a thing for garbage created from coffee.
-Meet Betty The Yeti. She is the start of a monthly challenge to create a limited series of monsters every month. Probably going to do editions of 6 and try to keep the cost between $15-$20. This one was inspired by a sweater I picked up at a thrift store and went 'Cool it's a Yeti Sweater' - remember the sweater in the movie "About A Boy'. Also I had just received an email from Urban Threads lately with some new monster embroidery patterns. So thus Betty the Yeti was created, shes works at a spaghetti orchard. So now what to do for March, I have some ideas floating about in my mind


  1. We didn't find the perfect spot for Betty :(

  2. Oh my gosh! I love Betty the Yeti!!

    provadia on swapbot

  3. I absolutely love the Yeti! Additionally...I love your clothing designs! I'm yarnovers from the swap!

  4. Presently working on March's monster. Have a name and design concept but haven't found the perfect fabric yet. Still digging in my stash.

  5. WOW! At first glance I thought that pin was a shell! That is a really cool idea w/ a used coffee filter! Great recycling!! :) leecytx from swap-bot