Thursday, May 10, 2012

MMMay '12 challenge

May 1 - Sweater Headband/Crochet Bangle

May 2 - Palmer Dress in Grey/Black

May 3 - Crushed Velvet Jacket

May 4 - Grey Sweater Skirt

May 5 -  Grey Sweater Jacket

May 6 - Sweater Skirt Black/Red (Horrible picture)

May 7 - Cotton Crochet Wristlet

May 8 - Headband

May 9 - Another  Sweater Headband

May 10 - Sweater Dress
So here is the first part of the month for the MMMay ' 12 Challenge. You may have noticed a fondness for headbands. This is due to the weather which makes for frizzy hair and the fact that it is  time to do a hair dye touchup. The picture taking has been part of the challenge. I find the clothing/accessories show up best not on ME, and it is a definite challenge to take a decent picture of yourself. 

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  1. Beginning to check out more of your crafts! They're really cool! :) FM#3