Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tooth Pillow

I was once a sweater now I am the perfect place to put that tooth that just fell out. Stash the tooth in my pocket and the tooth fairy will know exactly where to look. I also work great to tuck away any other little treasures you may have 'I promise not to swallow them.' I can be washed in a gentle cycle, but please treat me kindly and remember I like hugs.

Meet some of the tooth pillows I have recently created. Munchkin often has some little trinket tucked away in hers, occasionally it is even a lost tooth. She is presently working on an upper front which I am sure the tooth fairy will be happy to find. :0)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Today's Schedule ;0)

Post some pictures of new products - check. It is only a sampling of some of the new things I have been working on. More to come soon.
Hat made from Vintage fabric

Hat made from Vintage cape
Print and mail an application for upcoming show this year. The first time applying to this particular show and it is a larger one. 

Finish a couple of simple alterations I have waiting on my sewing table.

Get Connie's skirts started and perhaps one even completed today. Special Order

Avoid coffee shop my favourite place of procrastination or I won't get much else done on my schedule today.

So that is my schedule for today. Here's hoping I achieve sticking to it and that tomorrows includes the plumbers I have been waiting for - it would be awesome to have the plumbing issues solved.