Thursday, January 28, 2016

EMP Museum - Hello Kitty

The EMP Museum Seattle WA
The EMP(Experience Music Project) is one of my favourite museums in Seattle. It has exhibits like Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Indie Games plus more. It even has a whole area with various sound booths so you can jam and record your session. Since moving here it has had a special exhibit on Star Wars costumes, Chuck Jones, Jimi Hendrix and now Hello Kitty. I personally have not been a big fan of Hello Kitty. But I have always thought it has had a large effect on fashion and counterculture. The exhibit covers the history behind Hello Kitty and its parent company Sanrio. What I was mainly interested in was the Fashion. So what you will see in the following pictures are some of my favourites at the exhibit.
Hello Kitty

Kitty McQueen from America's Next Top Model 2012
Some of the clothing inspired by Hello Kitty

Alice in Wonderland meets Hello Kitty

Pink Samurai from America's Next Top Model 2012

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