Friday, March 25, 2016

Evergreen Brickworks

During my visit to my parents we got to visit the Evergreen Brickworks on the lower Don Valley in Toronto, Ontario. My brother wanted to check out the Seedy Sunday that was going on and well he had to drop us off at the hotel so we could catch an early flight back to Seattle the next morning. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day which made the trip even more enjoyable. 
The space is amazing and is a wonderful combination of history, environment and art. Definitely wasn't this when I was living in Toronto. 

Isadora and her cousin enjoyed the music provided by the DJ's and a bit of hulahooping. The beats resulted in much dancing from Isadora. There was also a great selection of food trucks so we had some food and beverages.

A view of Seedy Sunday from above. Lots of heritage seeds, alternative growing options, and greenery was available.

 An example of some of the living green walls they are gradually adding throughout the space.

A  small selection of some of the urban art that is always on display. Throughout the old kilns they have also created spaces for artists to display and sell their art during market days. Will definitely have to check it out some Saturday when back that way. But there is always so much to accomplish when back in Ontario and I never accomplish half of what I plan. As was proven with this last trip ;0).

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