Friday, April 29, 2016

Spoonflower and Sarah Longline

 Finally seem to of found a pantie pattern that fits well. It doesn't even make much difference which fabric I use. Yeah!!! It is actually the pantie pattern that comes with the Watson Bra from Cloth Habit. The rise on them is actually the perfect dimensions aka they sit in the right places.

This is once again the Sarah Longline which is one of my standby for a comfy bra with a bit of style. It's perfect for playing with different fabrics, be it prints, textures or types. This one along with the panties is made from another Spoonflower Fabric I ordered. It is a modern jersey called 'Dancing in the Smokey Moonlight' by stichyritchie.

Have really been enjoying the fabrics I got from Spoonflower. I would recommend the modern jersey and the skies the limit when it comes to fabric designs. The black stretch lace I used is from a piece I picked up at the fabric consignment store in Pike Market called Our Fabric Stash. It is always an adventure when stepping foot through their door as who knows what treasures you may find. My daughter loves to dig through the baskets of decorating fabric swatches.
The light grey edging is fold over elastic from Sew Sassy Fabrics, the ruffle elastic on the panties is from Fabricland. The bra strapping is from BraMaker's Supply in Hamilton.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Book Review - The Unmentionable History of the West

Really enjoyed this book.

Nancy Millar does a wonderful job of combining history and anecdotes into a well written book. Throughout the book you learn little snippets about what it was like to be a female during the settlement of Western Canada. As the title suggest she does this through discussing underwear, menstruation, pregnancy, child birth, wedding nights, sex, and the many other perils of being a woman. 

The book has images of old advertisements, health manuals and catalogues to help establish how such matters as unmentionables were dealt with. The phrasing often is quaint and humourous and it is well worth reading the fine print. She also discusses how the women's movement was effected by what society classed as unmentionables and how women were very important to the development of history in Canada.

I liked the book so much I sent a copy to my father, who reads a lot of history books, he was put off a bit by the topic at first but ended up really enjoying it. It is surprising sometimes how much the history of fashion can tell you about the development of society. So The Unmentionable History of the West is well worth the read be it for Canadian history or for the unmentionables covered.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pattern Review : Stitch Upon A Time - Boxers

Made a pair of women's boxers to go with my Watson Bra. Still loving the fabric from Spoonflower and this short circuit design by robyriker. 
The women's boxer pattern is from Stitch Upon A Time. Made up the short leg version which is a good thing. The longer leg absolutely would not of worked with this fabric. If doing the longer leg I would definitely recommend using a 4 way stretch, that is unless you don't have large or muscular legs. Truthfully I am probably going to reshape the legs on this pair. I found that they rolled on me. Otherwise they were extremely easy to sew up and fit quite well. Did the higher waisted option from pattern. 
I also have a couple of more patterns to try from Stitch Upon A Time. One being the Fauna Jacket which I am going to use the rest of my short circuits fabric for along with some wonderful French Terry I picked up at DryGoods Design in Pioneer Square.