Monday, November 14, 2016

Simplicity Pattern Review - 8229 & 8228 by Madalynne

Simplicity and Madalynne have paired up to release a couple of patterns. One of the last times I was at Pacific Fabrics here in Seattle I decided to pick them both up. It is wonderful that the big companies are starting to notice the comeback of sewers creating lingerie again. There are many independent designers who have released wonderful lingerie patterns but we all have to admit not everyone seems to be aware of this fact. These patterns I am sure will help increase the awareness that patterns are available and hopefully people will explore their options.  

The colours for this one were partially picked due to the Halloween season and the fact that I had unearthed a package of dyed lingerie fabric I had bought from Bravo Bella. The orange stretch lace is from Sew Sassy. After making a couple of bras from 8229 I am happy with the fit of bras. This bra has a wide bridge between the cups compared to many patterns so something to be very cautious of when creating this bra. It is perfect for me but know it would be too wide for many women. I made a 36B, sometimes I make a 34C but I know Madalynne patterns from previous experience fit a bit on the smaller side so went with the 36B. The 34 would of been more confining then I like but I also don't wear my bras as tight as often recommended.

Another modification I normally do is to sew the strap like the above picture. For some reason it seems to help make my straps stay in the appropriate place on my shoulders. When I don't sew them this way the straps slide off my shoulders continuously.

 Above is a picture of the bra I did in a neutral beige- stretch lace from Sew Sassy and Beige powernet, and sheer organza(lining) from Nancy's Sewing Basket. 

This is the bra from 8228 and panties from 8229. For some reason the panties aren't comfy at all though they fit in general. I know one issue is the cut of the leg, I would need to raise or lower the front. Everything else is just off a bit also, the crotch is a smidge wider then I find comfortable and the waist hits somewhere between my high and low waist and not in a flattering spot. I assume on most people they would sit on their high waist. Thus far I have never come across a pantie pattern that fits me just right, the only ones that fit and are comfy are patterns that I have created from my measurements.This is probably due to my stride and my unique proportions.

I decided to try the halter bra from the 8228. Here my main issue is that it is to short as you can see on the mannequin(picture below). The cups rise up and it creates way to much strain on my neck. This is a simple thing to remedy though by just adding some length to the neck strap. I need at least 2 1/2" for it to sit comfortably. I am sure once I do this it will fit quite well. It gives nice coverage in the cups and seems comfy otherwise. Eventually I am sure I will try the second bra on each pattern. I am going to compare the cut of the panties and see if there is any variance before trying the second pair of those..

Monday, November 7, 2016

Perfection of Style - Yves Saint Laurent

I have been to see The Perfection of Style - Yves Saint Laurent twice now since its opening at the Seattle Art Museum. Once just to check it out and see how it had been curated. I always find it very interesting to see how individual curators decide to display fashion exhibits. This exhibit is done exceptionally well it is a wonderful combination of decades through clothing, collection boards, fabrics, costume jewellery etc. The second was to attend a workshop on Fashion & Identity with the YSL exhibit being part of the discussions. Pictures following are some of the outfits that caught my eye often because of the structure, detailing and draping.

Detail of ivory evening dress which could easily double as a wedding dress 1971

More complete view of ivory evening dress
One of his simple but striking ensembles
rive gauche collection 1977

One of my favourite dresses due to it's simplicity

Side view of black silk crepe dress

One Sample of many collection boards on display

rive gauche collection 1991

Wedding gown 1970
Personally I think it would be an amazing jacket

My favourite decades from Yves Saint Laurent are the late 60's and the 70's. He did an amazing job of including many aspects of pop culture into his designs throughout his life but I feel he did it the best during these times in his collections.