Thursday, January 28, 2016

EMP Museum - Hello Kitty

The EMP Museum Seattle WA
The EMP(Experience Music Project) is one of my favourite museums in Seattle. It has exhibits like Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Indie Games plus more. It even has a whole area with various sound booths so you can jam and record your session. Since moving here it has had a special exhibit on Star Wars costumes, Chuck Jones, Jimi Hendrix and now Hello Kitty. I personally have not been a big fan of Hello Kitty. But I have always thought it has had a large effect on fashion and counterculture. The exhibit covers the history behind Hello Kitty and its parent company Sanrio. What I was mainly interested in was the Fashion. So what you will see in the following pictures are some of my favourites at the exhibit.
Hello Kitty

Kitty McQueen from America's Next Top Model 2012
Some of the clothing inspired by Hello Kitty

Alice in Wonderland meets Hello Kitty

Pink Samurai from America's Next Top Model 2012

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ColourBlocked PJ's

Low Rise Cotton Knit Tap Pants

Cotton Knit Racerback Tank

These are both made from fabric reclaimed from some t-shirts. They are great as PJ's, at least that is how I normally wear them. It is fun to play with the colour blocking and a great way to use up some of those touristy or giveaway t-shirt. The tap pants are made of a pink tshirt from a breast awareness marathon, the orange was a beverage tee, the blues were both from other marathons. The polka dot orange t-shirt was an old maternity top. 
Both the top and pants are patterns that I drafted for myself. Should find where the patterns went during the move and make myself another set. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Finished Bralette

Here is the finished bralette using Kwik Sew K3167. I like my colour combination and the lace I found in my stash to use on cups is just a tinge darker then the paprika stretch lace. The dark brown cotton/bamboo knit I used for the cups was also something I had bought previously.This will be a very comfy bralette but not something when I am looking for support and shaping. Normally comfort is one of the top priorities for me, well that along with aesthetics and this fits in both of those categories.

If I do use the pattern again I would probably change the shape of the cups a bit, will decide this after I have worn the bralette for a day. Then the next test will be to see how the fabrics withstand their first venture into the laundryroom. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Packages on my Doorstep

The stretch laces I just received from Sew Sassy Fabrics just seem to suit this Kwik Sew pattern. I see a new bralette and I think two pairs of panties in my near future.

This morning I found a package from the US Post on my doorstep. The mailman leaves packages on the porch and we get delivery every day of the week, sometimes twice, one of the great things about being in Seattle. So the package was a bubble wrap envelope from Sew Sassy Fabrics with the beautiful stretch laces I decided to try from them. Still trying to find a good fabric store here for laces and bra making supplies. But ecommerce is my friend in this situation. 

So the plan for part of this afternoon is to cut up some lace and perhaps even sew up a bralette. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

bras 101 Monica O'Rourke Bravo

BRAS 101- Basic Fitting by Monica O'Rourke Bravo

   Very simply filmed but a lot of info. This would be a great movie to watch if you work in any type of job that involves the fitting of bras. She starts with a short basic history of bras, then she moves onto different types of bra styles and covers what styles may suit different breast shapes. What to look for in an incorrect fit is also covered. Monica then talks about how to measure yourself or someone else when looking for or creating a bra. She even covers the basics of Bra Math :0) which isn't bad once you get the hang of it, 

   Definitely a great video to watch if bras are a new subject for you. Even if you are experienced in the ways of bras you will probably glean some new info or have something reconfirmed for you. I felt it was worth my investment and a good addition to my library. Thus far with all the information I have learnt about the art of bra making I have always felt there is lots more to learn, Monica O"Rourke Bravo was a nice addition to this process. I am looking forward to trying a couple of her patterns in the near future. The plum coloured bra kit I also purchased is sitting on the side of my cutting table waiting to be used in a bra for me. First the decision has to be made  - 'What style? Underwire no Underwire? but it is definitely going to be for me.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Changes for the New Year and New Habitat

   So this new year is kinda significant. My family has transplanted itself to the Pacific North West aka Seattle. My guy got a job that was just to good to pass up on. My daughter and I have been settling in slowly, it is very different in the United States from Canada. You aren't really aware how many differences there can be until you actually relocate to a different country. Even if it is only from Canada to the States.

   One of the things that has changed drastically is my business. My main focuses was custom work and that is harder to do with my established clientele as we now live so far apart.(I am still doing work for a select few so not all ties have been cut) Also my EcoFashion line has been greatly effected as one of my main branding features was "Made In Canada".

   Recently I have been getting into a lot of research and history of fashion focusing largely on undergarments. I feel this will be a good direction for the blog to go so I can share many of the things I have been learning with others. Expect reviews of books, videos and patterns, with many of the patterns tested and perhaps revamped a little. I will also be drafting and creating undergarments for specific reasons be it age, comfort, or just because.

   Occasionally some new Eco-Fashion designs may appear as this is still one of my great loves. Finding a new life for clothing that is no longer loved for whatever reason has always been important to me. Perhaps I may blend undergarments with EcoFashion once in a while.