Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pattern Experimentation aka Testing - Ohhh Lulu

This week I decided to try out a pattern package I bought from Ohhh Lulu, a Canadian based independent lingerie designer. It is a very comfy set and quite easy to make if you have any experience in sewing lingerie. It is the Bambi Bra and Grace panties. I had been reading various other bloggers saying they quite liked the Grace panties. They fit quite nicely but I should of went with the medium instead of the large. Was debating back and forth, she actually recommends trying them on quickly after doing the straight seams to see if they are gonna fit. But me being me I just went ahead and kept sewing instead of doing this. So they are a bit loose but are great for a comfy pair of panties. Maybe I will luck out and the fabric will shrink a little bit.

The Bambi Bra goes together very neatly. I decided to line the band also which helped with giving it an even more finished look. The cups fit really well - I went for the small - but I should have made the band a bit smaller. (I did remember to write these adjustments on the pattern for future use) I have a real tendency when sewing for myself to just plow ahead, I always have the best intentions to alter them later but very seldom does this happen. Yet am practically OCD when sewing for others but for some reason it doesn't overflow into personal sewing projects.

The fabric I used are both knits but the black with skulls has very little stretch. Thus I had treated it more like a woven cut on the bias. It will be a great way to use many novelty fabrics after I do a little tweaking with the sizing. Am very happy with the ease of use of Ohhh Lulu patterns so will definitely be checking out some others.

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