Friday, February 19, 2016

Wrap-Around Bralette and Panties

I had bought a variety of stretch laces from Sew Sassy, which by the way I am loving. So after the paprika panties I decided to make another pair, but with the wider lace and slightly longer crotch piece. Which I much prefer the fit of. Though the other pair is still better then most RTW pairs I have boughten. Have always found it hard to find panties I like the look of, plus fit and stay where they are supposed to. But then again I usually need to alter most RTW clothing of any sort to have it fit correctly.

The wrap-around bralette was supposed to be Sierra by Madalynn but I had to do a few adjustments aka hacks to the pattern. The main reason that I had used some of the yardage for my panties so I was short about a yard to make her pattern. So mine ended up with double neck straps, one from the fold over elastic I used  to edge bralette and other strap is same as stretch elastic I used for part of the back. 

Not sure whether I am going to like wearing this bralette, will have to give it the day long test. Definitely would not want to be any bigger in cup size. Not for anyone who is a large B cup or bigger. It is always surprising how the bra fit and style can effect how chesty someone can look or feel. 

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  1. wonderfull...this model is on my did a great job...