Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More OhhhLuLu

Made another pattern from OhhhLuLu which is her longline bralette. Thus far I have been quite happy with the fit of these patterns as I need to do only little tweaks. It is usually in the band that I need to do slight modifications(normally end up taking out a couple of inches in the back). I am quite long through the torso which is why I really like the look and feel of the longline. I did notice in her notes that she says it fits up to a C cup but I feel it is catered more to B cups like the other bralettes I have made from OhhhLuLu. The modifications to fit a smaller or slightly larger cup would not be overly difficult to do. At some point I may have to try making an extra small to see if the band fits without any modifications. 

 The matching panties are the Grace pattern again but this time they fit better. It seems I am between the medium and large for her panty sizing. So it will always depend upon the fabric I am using and how generous of seam allowances I use.

I have been very happy with any of the patterns I have purchased from OhhhLuLu. They print out quite accurately with very little issue, unlike many other PDF patterns I have used. Her instructions seem precise though I am not the best to ask about this at times as I only use written instructions as rough guidelines. One of my many some may consider bad habits. Another feature many OhhhLuLu patterns have is that they can be used with either wovens, knits or a combination of both, which is a definite benefit in my books.

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