Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spoonflower Fabric Watson Bra and Panties

Have been using some of the fabrics I got from Spoonflower. This is the Short Circuits in modern jersey designed by Robyriker. So far I have been very happy with the quality of fabrics from Spponflower. They are washing well and seem to keep their spring back quality.

The Watson Bra sewed up nicely and seems like a nice fit. The black fabric is powernet I picked up from Bra Makers Supply when I went to Boob Camp a while ago. The bra strapping is also from there as I bought some of their clearance spools recently - one in black and one in beige. It is a nice size and the price was definitely right. The picot elastic is from Sew Sassy Fabrics

The panties are a nice basic style, will have to see how they fit after they have been washed a couple of times. I haven't been having much luck in the sizing of panties recently, it varies greatly between every type of fabric. So unless I make every pair from the exact same fabric, which I must say would be a bit boring, I may be out of luck. It has been getting a bit discouraging. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Evergreen Brickworks

During my visit to my parents we got to visit the Evergreen Brickworks on the lower Don Valley in Toronto, Ontario. My brother wanted to check out the Seedy Sunday that was going on and well he had to drop us off at the hotel so we could catch an early flight back to Seattle the next morning. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day which made the trip even more enjoyable. 
The space is amazing and is a wonderful combination of history, environment and art. Definitely wasn't this when I was living in Toronto. 

Isadora and her cousin enjoyed the music provided by the DJ's and a bit of hulahooping. The beats resulted in much dancing from Isadora. There was also a great selection of food trucks so we had some food and beverages.

A view of Seedy Sunday from above. Lots of heritage seeds, alternative growing options, and greenery was available.

 An example of some of the living green walls they are gradually adding throughout the space.

A  small selection of some of the urban art that is always on display. Throughout the old kilns they have also created spaces for artists to display and sell their art during market days. Will definitely have to check it out some Saturday when back that way. But there is always so much to accomplish when back in Ontario and I never accomplish half of what I plan. As was proven with this last trip ;0).

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SteamPunk Inspired Set

Went to visit my parents back in Ontario, Canada and the blog got neglected in the process. Partially due to the fact that I am spoiled when it comes to internet access normally. My parents still actually plug in to an actual modem aka NO Wireless which is just odd feeling. 
This is an outfit I made just before I headed East. It is actually still on my mannequin by the front door. She is quite often naked or just wearing a backpack so she is probably enjoying being a bit more covered for the last bit.

Made with the Ohhh Lulu Longline Bra and Grace Panties again. It has been a very comfy pattern, am sure it will become a standby for me. In this longline I put a bra closure on the back because somedays I just don't want to be pulling things over my head. The fabric also has a little less give then the last one I made.

As for the fabric:
Purple stretch lace fabric was bought at Stitches in Capital Hill, Seattle
Purple trim on bra is from Arte Crafts Bra Making Supplies
Elastic on panties is from Sew Sassy Fabrics
Wonderful printed cotton jersey is from Spoonflower Fabrics designed by Artgarage. Love the concept of Spoonflower, fabric printed to order with designs by independent artists. I have now tried two types of fabric from them and they have both washed wonderfully and the colours are staying pretty true.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rose Bra

While looking at some websites and forums I noticed that another independent designer had released some PDF patterns for undergarments. So thus I had to check them out. I decided to try the Rose Bra by Evie la Luve. I think where I first came upon her was through Pinterest and Folksy. But I noticed she has a site on Etsy and Craftsy also. 

I went with making a size small which needed the standard 2" out of the back band which I typically have to do with most bra patterns. I find when I do try doing the extra smalls the front is not spaced accordingly. My mannequin has a similar breast shape to mine so as you can see there is space between the breasts. For me to accomplish cleavage a definite push up and over bra is necessary ;0).

Comfort has been my primary concern in my bra making this last bit and this meets that criteria. You may recognize the skull and crossbone fabric from a previous post(I think I have at least 10m of this fabric - deadstock I picked up at some point and my present go to for testing). The stretch lace I used is from Sew Sassy. 

Other thoughts on Evie la Luve
I did have some issues with printing the pattern to get the correct 8cm square gauge but perseverance paid off. Printing it on legal size paper seemed to do the trick.
Instructions included photos along with steps of assembly. Anyone with sewing experience should be able to make the Rose Bra. A good beginner pattern for someone just starting out in making lingerie as there are only three pattern pieces.